Goldline introduced advanced technologies, and thanks to more than 25 years of accumulation of technology , Goldline’s products are easy to use, stable in quality, and efficient in energy. We focus in comfortable use, and at the same time take into consideration of the water-saving and environment protection. Each Goldline production represents the perfect combination of technology, quality and design.

Qualified brass material

Using high-class brass material to ensure the health of water using from the source.

Water saving design

Using air injection technique to make water flow plentiful and lively, improve utilization of water.

The advanced surface finish process

After accurate milling and full automatic polishing, the cast surface will be with a clear outline to show the product design well.

Low-pressure casting

Adopting the advanced low-pressure casting technology can avoid the possibility of air and impurity entrance. The casting will be with high density and fewer defects, which can ensure the durability of products.

Shinning plating technology

Double nanoscale plating finish with high hardness, good corrosion resistance, and excellent abrasion resistance, is bright as mirror and enduring as time goes by.

CNC machining

The faucets are machined by CNC machine, with accurate and stable dimension, to ensure the stability of assembly and avoid the product leaking.

Fast installation structure

Using a long barrel and large nut as installation components of faucets, make it convenient and fast to install the faucets firmly without any tools.

Qualified valve

Superior ceramic cartridge with natural alumina ceramic chip, which attains Mohs rigidity level 9, just less than that of diamond (level 10), and with the advantage of high pressure-temperature resistance, good abrasion resistance, stable chemical property, excellent anti-leakage capability, and smooth switch. The life cycle of our cartridges is up to 500,000 cycles.