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Here’s How You Can Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

One of the main drawbacks of living urban lifestyle is compromising with the compact space around us. From living to dining space and more, we have to compromise with everything and have to adjust things the way they are. However, there is room for improvement with everything and the same goes with the compact spaces around us. The nuclear living models give us smaller homes and even functional spaces in the bathrooms also become very less. Indian bathrooms were not specifically much compact but now it is all about adapting to the space you have. Have a look at the bathroom design ideas that we present over here to you and use them in your space for a better living.

When it comes to the essentials of any bathroom, it includes bathroom fittings such as a basin and vanity unit, shower space, and WC unit, irrespective of the size. You must keep dry and wet areas segregated for ease of maintenance and safety in your bathroom. The below tips will let you help you open up your small bathrooms and make it look bigger and brighter. You can even try these ideas with or even without renovations.

1. For storage, try using vertical space.

We always find the right space or spot to fit in any furniture or storage item into a small bathroom and most of the time we end up cramping the space in our bathroom. The best solution is, however, to use vertical space for betterment. You can easily fit in all the bathroom accessories in that way and not even much space will be taken. For small bathrooms, ladder units are new best things. From bath linen to toiletries to wet towels and more, you can keep everything with ease. Let’s have a look at other fresh ideas.

2. Use mirror with storage.

Mirrors make any space look larger than it is and reflect light. If you will choose a mirror with storage space behind the mirror panel it will be best for you. You will be actually killing two birds with one stone in this way by hiding essentials behind mirror panels.

3. Try making the most of natural light.

Most of the small bathrooms lack a natural source of light. And even if there is a source of light, it is not actually enough for that bathroom space. While designing or renovating the bathroom, make sure the large windows are there for betterment. Large windows will let in plenty of sunshine to brighten up your bathroom in day time. If you are very concerned about privacy, you should opt for frosted or one-way glass.

Lighting is very important for an ideal Indian bathroom design. You should consider more great lighting ideas and implement them in your bathroom space.

4. Opt for rounded vanity units.

It will be best for you if you will try to go soft around the cabinet edges. The best way to make the best of the space is to use it all in a perfect way. Even the corners of the bathrooms matter the most. So you should not waste the corners of your compact bathroom space. If you will choose rounded vanity units, you can easily use up ideally all the corner space of the bathroom. Rounded vanity units are even safe also and don’t hurt you while you move around in the bathroom.

5. For a seamless effect, use bigger tiles.

Bigger tiles with neutral shades leaves a good impact in a small bathroom and also makes the space look bigger. For a continued effect, the tiles continue from the walls to the end space. Though, if you want to leave an attractive and bold statement, choose tiles with patterns and stripes.

All in all, these are the best design and renovating ideas that will help you make your small bathroom space look bigger. Implement these ideas in your bathroom space one time and live a good life forever.

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